About Us


Anequim is owned and managed by husband and wife team Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen who reside in Omaha, Nebraska. As owners of their own property management company since 2006 Jeremy and Gwenn know first hand the struggles of operating in today’s environment.

Market pressures are causing many property management companies to have to sell to larger conglomerates and give up autonomy.

This is how Anequim was born. To provide the Property Management the required support in a remote workforce environment.

Anequim’s Rent Manager Call Center services help management companies retain control and flourish. Maintain profitability, prevent burn out of key personnel, and preserve local flair with our services today.

Our Remote Assistant Services provides property management companies with full-time remote employees who reside in Mexico. Our employees are highly skilled professionals (many possess college degrees or masters) who are capable of doing anything a domestic employee can do from a computer. From answering phones, leasing, property management support, marketing, customer service, human resources, and more, you name it we can do it.


Jeremy Aspen, the co-founder of Anequim, lived in Mexico in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2008 a friend and past colleague from that time called and inquired about any possible work opportunities we might have for our property management business that she could perform from her home in Mexico.  This was in the midst of the great recession when jobs in the United States as well as in Mexico were hard to come by. Two weeks after that call we had her answering our company’s incoming call via a VOIP phone. It worked out swimmingly. We got to help a friend out who needed a job while providing a better customer service experience for our owners and tenants. After that, we started hiring her friends for other positions which helped us expand at a faster pace than we ever thought possible. The rapid expansion then helped us create more jobs and opportunities back in our hometown, Omaha, Nebraska.

In 2015, our friends who own a property management company in Denver asked if we could find someone to help them with some of their business needs. We recruited through our network and found the perfect person to fit their company culture. They were so happy with the service that they ended up hiring more professionals from us which enabled them to grow at breakneck speed without sacrificing quality.

We loved watching our friend’s business boom and wanted to help more businesses in our field. In June of 2016, Gwenn, founder of Anequim, spent a weekend at the local Marriott and created the initial processes and procedures for the remote assistant program, from there Anequim was born. We are passionate about helping our clients grow and advance at speeds they never thought possible through our various services.


We are a values-based organization. All our personnel has to sign the following statement and operate within our values every day.
Precision in execution