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Accounting Services 

We hire, train, develop and manage specialized virtual assistant talent to support your bookkeeping, banking, and payables needs.

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Administrative Support 

We hire and manage remote professionals who provide office management support like answering phones and scheduling appointments.

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Customer Service 

We provide remote professionals who can support your business by preparing email communications, invoices, reports and more.

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Marketing Services 

We hire and manage remote professionals who can manage digital marketing campaigns, online review programs, and more.

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Human Resources 

We provide virtual assistants who support your business and HR team with human resource tasks, implementing new policies and procedures, and more.

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Solutions for Rent Manager™ Users 

Back office support and a 24/7 after-hours call center.

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Property Management Services 

We can provide virtual assistants who specialize in Maintenance Coordination and 24/7 customer support.

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Why You Should Choose Virtual Assistants

Affordable and effective solutions through virtual assistants

01. Reduce Payroll 

Hiring remote professionals who live and work in Mexico can reduce your payroll costs by up to 60%. With a virtual assistant, you get incredible talent on your team without the added overhead costs associated with domestic employees.

02. More Time 

Save time on operational tasks so you can focus on what matters and grow your business. Virtual assistants can handle any task that your local personnel can, so just imagine the endless possibilities your remote team could help your business with.

03. Less Stress 

Our team at Anequim manages everything from recruitment to ongoing learning and development. You simply tell us what roles and responsibilities your company needs virtual assistants to support and we’ll help you build the perfect team of remote professionals for your business.

04. Improve Efficiency 

We help you operate efficiently through our robust onboarding program, learning and development about your unique business needs, and how our remote professionals can deliver for your company’s growth.

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