Get To Know Anequim

Who are we and what do we do?

We understand the pressure that comes with operating a successful company. It hinges entirely on having the right team. That’s why Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen founded Anequim, and over the past 7 years they have made it their mission to help businesses fulfill their vision by recruiting the right remote professionals for their team. 


The Awesome People Behind Us

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing team of virtual and local professionals who support every area of our business.

Gwenn Aspen R

Gwenn Aspen

CEO & Founder

Jeremy Aspen

Jeremy Aspen

CFO & Founder

This Is Our Story

Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen

In 2008, Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen hired their first remote employee — a friend and past colleague from Mexico — to help with calls via VOIP phone for their property management business. 

The support from this first virtual assistant helped them provide better customer service, allowing them to grow faster than ever before. By 2015, they had 26 remote professionals on board and were inspired to help more businesses like theirs.
This led to the birth of Anequim in 2016. 

With direct experience in hiring, training, and developing remote professionals, they crafted processes and procedures for virtual assistant programs that now provide services to businesses in the US & Canada. 

Anequim has become one of the largest remote professional employers in Mexico with employees helping customers across various industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make small and medium-size businesses more profitable through our services and create amazing careers for our employees.

Our Vision

Transform modern business with game-changing services.


Our Values

These are the core values that guide all of our company’s actions: 


Professionalism and respect in all interactions.


We are an inclusive company.


Develop others and take risks.


We do what’s right.

Own the Outcome

Produce results that you can be proud of. Precision in execution.

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