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With our roots in the property management industry, along with our extensive experience with Rent Manager Software, we offer two solutions that will enhance your business and improve the efficiency of the Rent Manager software. 24/7 Call Center is a dedicated, experienced team fully integrated with the software. Our Back Office Solutions supports your business accounting needs with a team of professionals experienced in reconciliation and payables.

Rent Manager 24/7 Call Center

Rent Manager Back Office Solutions

Rent Manager 24/7 Call Center Services

Anequim operates a fully integrated and professional call center dedicated to supporting Rent Manager software users. Our Rent Manager Call Center Services help property managers enhance customer service and save money. 

Our Rent Manager Call Center operates 24/7 to support maintenance and dispatch, leasing support and more. Because we’re fully integrated with Rent Manager software, service issues show up in your system in real-time.

24/7 Phone Coverage, Property Management Industry Pros

How Can Rent Manager Call Center Make Your Life Easier?

Our team of bilingual professionals help you operate your business more efficiently and increase tenant satisfaction.

Full Service

Provide a better experience for your tenants without having to hire and manage additional employees.

Seamless Integration

Data syncs directly from our Call Center into your Rent Manager database, providing you with detailed descriptions of every interaction.

Bilingual & Professional Live Agents

Every phone call your tenants make is answered by a live, fully trained agent. Rent Manager Call Center’s professional, courteous staff can serve as a seamless extension to your business.

How it Works

01 Sign up

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll begin onboarding. During this stage, we’ll work together to:

  • Establish basic property information and what constitutes an emergency
  • Determine dispatch protocol

02 Call forwarding begins

  • We work with you to assign a phone number for call routing and handle the technical setup details
  • We begin taking calls. Our bilingual agents are fully trained in maintenance troubleshooting and fair housing.

03 Reporting & Feedback

  • We provide quarterly reports on the number of tickets created, number of emergencies, number of complaints (if any), as well as the action plans taken towards them.
  • We conduct quarterly review meetings to gather feedback and make improvements to how we operate.

Areas We Support

Our bilingual agents are trained on core competencies that are most important to property managers. Some of the things we handle include:

Back Office Solutions Service for Rent Manager Users

We empower you to be the boss of your business, while we focus on the day to day.

Anequim operates a team of remote professionals dedicated to supporting Rent Manager software users with reconciliation and payables. Anequim Back Office Solutions) helps property managers save on payroll costs and improve the way they handle data within Rent Manager.

When you hire one of our solutions, you are essentially hiring a part-time, multifaceted team, able to help you with anything from accounting to applications to maintenance. Because we’re fully integrated with Rent Manager software, every update shows up in your system in real-time.

How Can Anequim BOS Support Your Business?

Our team of fully trained professionals can take time-consuming reconciliations and accounting tasks off your plate so you can focus on your business.


Know — and trust — your cash position with triple tied reconciliations and always-up-to-date books.


Keep your vendors happy — let us handle coding, association, and vendor management.

Financial Support Services

From helping you get caught up to workflow training, our experts can help take the guesswork out of Rent Manager best practices.

How it Works

Anequim brings deep expertise in Rent Manager software and, most importantly, best practices to help you make better and more informed decisions with our easy to run and use reports. When you decide to implement Anequim BOSS for your business, you can expect:


Anequim BOSS is a turnkey solution and can be implemented for your business in just one month.

Part-time solutions available

Get the right amount of support for your property management company’s needs.

KPI Measurement

We continuously measure productivity to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

No training or onboarding waiting time

Our team is fully trained and able to adapt and scale quickly to accommodate our clients’ needs.

No people management

Anequim handles every aspect of employment, and provides coaching sessions, ongoing learning and development opportunities, and more.

Improved communication

You’ll be assigned an account manager from day one to ensure BOSS operates seamlessly for you and your business.

More About Reconciliation Services

Property Managers are not accountants, and that is okay, but Property Managers have a legal responsibility with their clients trust account. Anequim BOSS Reconciliation Services include duties such as:

More About Payables Services

Do you know how much money you owe to your vendors at this precise moment? Are your vendors happy with your payment procedures? Are you happy with your current payables process?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, Anequim BOSS Payables is here to help. We handle duties such as:

You will always be in control of the money and actually perform the payables either from your PC or phone based on the report. We can help you pay like a BOSS.

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about Anequim's Solutions for Rent Manager Users.

Anequim’s services are superb and have saved us hours and hours every week allowing us to work more efficiently and handle many more aspects of our company's operations. Overall I am extremely happy that we are using Anequim’s services and I look forward to continuing to work with the company.

Dan L


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