Virtual Customer Service Support

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a priority for any growing business. When answering phones, emails, and other forms of customer communication becomes too much to handle, Anequim can help. We’ve hired, trained and onboarded hundreds of remote customer service professionals, and we can do the same for you. Our proven approach to hiring and retaining top talent can benefit your business immediately – and is more affordable than you might think. 

Save Time and Money With Anequim

How Can Anequim Make Your Life Easier?

Reduce Payroll

Hiring remote professionals who live and work in Mexico can reduce your payroll costs by up to 60%.

Improve Efficiency

We help you operate efficiently through our robust onboarding program, learning and development, and more.

Hire Fast

Hire the staff your company needs in as little as 2 weeks through Anequim’s network of highly qualified remote professionals.

How it Works

Recruitment and Onboarding

Anequim handles every aspect of recruitment – from job posting to job offer – and operates a robust onboarding program. Our onboarding program is customized to meet your businesses unique needs.

Learning and Development

After the initial onboarding and introductory period, we perform gap analyses to inform additional training opportunities. We also perform regular check-ins and virtual team-building events to encourage development and retention.

Performance and Compensation Management

Anequim supports you and your remote professional with ongoing feedback and coaching. We help you set objectives and KPIs, and our compensation experts provide guidance for annual reviews, bonuses and more.

Areas We Support

The core duties and responsibilities of a virtual customer service assistant revolve around serving customers. Some of the tasks your virtual assistant may perform include:

  • Managing escalated customer service issues
  • Managing property owner inquiries
  • Handling leasing calls and lease questions
  • Call forwarding and detailed message taking
  • Setting up home viewing appointments
  • Executing move-in, move-out or maintenance surveys

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about Anequim.

We enjoy witnessing her work and the way she manages challenges in this industry. She is not afraid to put forward her ideas and perspective. It’s fresh and we appreciate it, our customers love working with her and also feel taken care of. This great customer service specialist we got thanks to Anequim has proven to be able to take on any challenges ahead of her and always provides exceptional customer service and attention to detail while doing so. We look forward to continuing working with her, she has a significant role to play in the future success of the company.

Eddie & Aaron Access Property Management Group


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