Virtual Assistants For Your Business

Business owners just like you are using virtual assistants to grow their companies without adding huge overhead expenses. Learn how Anequim can help your business.

Virtual Assistant from Anequim on his desk

Virtual Assistant

Reduce Payroll

Hiring remote professionals who live and work in Mexico can reduce your payroll costs by up to 60%.

Improve Efficiency

We help you operate efficiently through our robust onboarding program, learning and development, and more.

Hire Fast

Hire the staff your company needs in as little as 2 weeks through Anequim’s network of highly qualified remote professionals.

Jose Delgado from Anequim explaining Virtual Assistants to a client

Our Virtual Assistants Are the Best in the Industry.

Why? Because at Anequim, our commitment to a rigorous screening process separates our virtual assistants from the pack in real, measurable ways. And the best part- a virtual assistant is more affordable than you may think.

From marketing and communications to basic accountingcustomer serviceadministrative support, and much more- our professional virtual assistants have an array of skill sets to help you grow your business. Join the many happy business owners who have found their valuable new team members through Anequim.

How Remote Teams Work

Recruitment and Onboarding 

Anequim handles every aspect of recruitment – from job postings to job offers – and operates a robust onboarding program to help you build the perfect team of remote professionals. Our onboarding program is customized to meet your business’s unique needs.

Learning and Development 

We work with you on your training plan, so your employee is up and running as fast as possible. After your remote professionals’ initial onboarding and introductory period, we perform gap analyses to inform additional training opportunities. We also perform regular check-ins and virtual team-building events to encourage development and retention.

Performance and Compensation Management 

Anequim supports you and your remote professional with ongoing feedback and coaching. We help you set objectives and KPIs, and our compensation experts guide annual reviews, bonuses, and more.

Hire Your Remote Professional

Are you ready to scale your business, improve efficiency, and reduce costs?