Virtual Assistants For Marketing Services

Reach Your Marketing Goals with the Help of Remote Professionals

Marketing is crucial to any business’s success but it is also one of the most challenging areas to manage without virtual assistants on your team. Remote professionals allow your company to stay on top of and manage an effective marketing strategy that you can actually afford. 

When you don’t have the budget to hire expensive marketing agencies and you don’t have time to do your own business marketing, Anequim can help your business grow and save money by connecting you with a highly skilled remote marketing professionals who are up to the marketing challenge. 

Our database of talented individuals have the skills you need to grow your business – from lead generation to social media management and more. Anequim makes your life easier by handling virtual employee onboarding, ongoing learning and development, and performance management.

Virtual Assistant from Anequim reviewing Marketing Services on Tablet.

Areas Of Marketing Services

We hire remote professionals for marketing services who have a proven track record and experience to tackle your company’s marketing goals. Our experts bring knowledge in several areas of marketing such as:

  • Managing social media platforms, including drafting and scheduling content, monitoring for mentions, and identifying opportunities for engagement
  • Produce a variety of content including videos, infographics, and other creative material
  • Lead generation and appointment setting
  • Manage online review programs
Virtual Assistant from Anequim working on Marketing Services

Reach your marketing goals with help of Remote Professionals

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a marketing Virtual Assistant on your side can be a game-changer. 

Let’s be honest: being a business owner takes a lot of work already to also start learning about marketing strategies, web design, social media, SEO, google my business and more. Remote Professionals or digital helpers are not only expert multitaskers, but they also bring specialized skills to the table so you don’t need to be the expert. 

We count with experienced and prepared work from home professionals in marketing that can help you create and manage all the important parts of your marketing strategy and social media.

Imaging having a team of experts at computer reach from all over Mexico that have proven experience in marketing and sales. Let them help you reach your goals. 

Outsourcing your marketing to a virtual assistant allows you to invest your time and resources where they’re needed most: growing your business. Let our remote professionals  work behind the scenes to make sure your business gets more leads and visibility. 

How Remote Teams Work

Recruitment and Onboarding 

Anequim handles every aspect of recruitment – from job postings to job offers – and operates a robust onboarding program to find help you build the perfect team of remote professionals. Our onboarding program is customized to meet your business’s unique needs.

Learning and Development 

We work with you on your training plan so your employee is up and running as fast as possible. After the initial onboarding and introductory period for your remote professionals, we perform gap analyses to inform additional training opportunities. We also perform regular check-ins and virtual team-building events to encourage development and retention.

Performance and Compensation Management 

Anequim supports you and your remote professional with ongoing feedback and coaching. We help you set objectives and KPIs, and our compensation experts provide guidance for annual reviews, bonuses and more.

Hire Your Remote Professional

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