Rent Manager™ Call Center 24/7

Grow Your Business, Reduce Your Level of Stress

What we do

Rent Manager™ Call Center is a fully integrated service created specifically for property managers that use the software to provide comprehensive emergency call services that will integrate seamlessly with your existing Rent Manager database.

You no longer have to field calls about plumbing issues at two in the morning, our Rent Manager Call Center has you covered.

Our call center representatives are fully versed in Rent Manager and the property management industry and can provide your residents with the help they need.



24/7 Maintenance Call Center

Stress Less.

  • Troubleshooting, service issue creation and dispatching
  • Bilingual, professionally trained staff to serve your residents and investors
  • Service issues show up in your Rent Manager system real-time

Call Overflow / Leasing Solution

We Got You Covered.

  • Calls forwarded at client’s discretion, no advance notice needed
  • We can disseminate basic information
    • Hours of operation
    • Website address
    • How to reset TWA in Rent Manager
    • How to open Showmojo and Rently boxes.
  • Take detailed messages
  • And more…

Rent Manager™ Call Center in a nutshell


Why you need us.


  • Agents use the data in your Rent Manager database so they are working from up to date information ensuring the best outcomes and customer service.
  • No data entry. Every action that agents execute on your behalf is documented and in your Rent Manager system in real-time. No redundancy of typing information from an email into the system, no going to a report to find the answers. No playing the telephone game to get the inside scoop before calling a resident back. The information is where you need it when you need it.
  • Great customer service. Our highly trained agents are always ready for anything day or night.
  • Easy setup. Because we are extracting data from your existing system set up is efficient and hassle-free.
  • No maintaining a separate database for after-hours calls. This means less work for you, and no duplication of efforts.

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