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What We Do at Anequim

We provide property management and real estate companies with full-time remote assistants who reside in Mexico. Our employees are highly skilled professionals (many possess college degrees) who are capable of doing anything a domestic employee can do from a computer. Here are some examples of tasks our employees do for companies across the United States and Canada:

How we can help you


Customer Service

  • Answer all calls and find immediate solutions
  • Tackle escalated customer service issues
  • Manage property owner inquiries
  • Answer questions about the operations
  • Handle leasing calls, lease questions, and set up appointments for viewing homes
  • Execute move-in or move-out surveys, maintenance surveys


Maintenance Coordination

  • Coordinate maintenance and turnover service issues with technicians and vendors
  • Troubleshoot maintenance service issues and create their tickets
  • Dispatch service orders
  • Establish budgets and obtain approvals from owners on repairs or improvements


Administration and Marketing

  • Enter invoices into the computer system, code and assign them to the correct owner and property
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Professionally request 5-star reviews
  • Execute social media marketing campaigns, video editing, unit marketing
  • Utility verification
  • Collections calls
  • Schedule and coordinate business development meetings

Hiring Remote Professionals in 4 Easy Steps


You submit a job description for exactly what your business needs

We recruit for the best talent that matches your needs

You interview professionals and select the right fit for you

Your dedicated Remote Professional starts with your team!

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Remote Assistant Services in a Nutshell