Is Working From Home In Mexico a Good Option For You?

Working from home

The following article focuses on tips and insights that will be helpful you are thinking about working from home.

We have all heard stories from people who are working from home and how great it is, how much your life quality will improve or maybe, how much time people can save by working from home.

Based on our experience we have compiled 10 important considerations to determine if remote working is right for you:

1.- You feel overwhelmed by all the commuting time and you feel you could be happier if you could free all that commute time.

2.- You are skilled in using remote tools, such as time trackers, web conferencing, email, task management software, these skills are basic for remote working. We recommend you to check out this list of tools! 

3.- If you are applying for a position that requires English, make sure your English is great, many companies require you to pass an English test with a certain level depending on the position. Take a look at these free English learning tools.

4.- You need a recent model computer, high-speed internet, and a headset.  The majority of remote positions will require you to have a computer that can run the required software and be fast. Remember that the main goal of remote working is to be super-efficient and be able to perform in a very fast-paced environment.

Let’s review more tips!

5.- A second screen. Really. Get it. If you are working from home a second screen will allow you to do multiple tasks at the same time, also working using just your laptop is more difficult, invest in a second screen and your life will change!

6.- Home office set. This is probably the most important part of your remote working desition. You need a quiet place, a comfortable place, a desk, an ergonomic chair, a place you can be focused on your tasks, and where your creativity can flow.

7.- Background. When setting your working space, consider your background. You will be having Web conferences and your background will be visible, make sure your background sends the right message to your customers and coworkers. Make it professional make it cool and beautiful, it does not look a catalog, keep it simple, clean.

8.- Lighting. Make sure you have the proper lighting for your home office space, its important for your sight health and also for web conference needs.

9.- Dress to impress. Yes. make sure you look your best, dress up, make it fun, look professional at all times. Make sure you turn on your webcam in all meetings, working remotely can have a social disconnection effect, we are built to interpreter body language and facial expressions, by turning your camera on you make it personal, you connect.

10. -Take care of your health. Being at home and close to the refrigerator can harm your health. Make sure you eat healthy, snack healthy and drink lots of water. Make sure you don’t overwork if there is no need for it, make sure you have schedules to lunch and have breaks. Stand up, stretch and walk around.

We hope you find these 10 points useful if you are considering switching to work from home.

Do some research and explore the possibilities. Make sure you find the Company that suits your needs and where you can have a career.

Working from home is challenging but also very rewarding in terms of well being.

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Gwenn Aspen
President of Anequim

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