Property Management Bootstrappers

Real Conversations About Property Management & Entrepreneurship

A program designed to bring you up to the minute ideas and concepts to understand what it takes to succeed in business and life. We bring knowledge from other industries and apply it to the investment property management business, ensuring our audience always learns something new.

We invite the best authors, thinkers, and business people to the show and we pick their brains in their areas of expertise. We interview our guests and gain key insights that can help our audience in their own path to success.

You will find here: ideas, knowledge and best practices in a relaxed and fun conversation. No pretense. Our guests get real and share successes as well as failures. If you are looking for an unvarnished look at entrepreneurship and business development, this is the show for you.

We believe the property management community can learn so much from the cutting edge ideas and practices used in other industries and arenas. Bootstrappers gives us an opportunity to harness that knowledge in a fun and approachable way. Selfishly, we wanted a platform to ask people that we admire about their lives and experience. Bootstrappers is an opportunity to have those interesting conversations and learn along with our audience.


Meet the Property Management Bootstrappers​

Gwenn and Jeremy have been business partners and married for over 15 years. In business and in life they are constantly teasing and interrupting each other while remaining each other’s biggest fans.

Property Management Bootstrappers Show investigates the guests’ lives and careers while also digging into how Gwenn and Jeremy manage to balance starting, and running businesses and making time for family life. Dig into the no holds barred discussion with each new episode!

Gwenn Aspen R

Gwenn Aspen

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Aspen

Jeremy Aspen

Chief Financial Officer