When it comes to growing our business in the most cost effective way many entrepreneurs are lost. Sales leader, Shawn Peterson of Quantum Business Solutions, walks us through simple changes you can make using automation and technology to attract the right clients. He also discusses how to recruit and manage a business development manager, and close business. If there was ever an episode with simple actionable steps that will lead to more business this is the one.




Shawn Peterson spent a decade as a CEO and Sales Leader in the Office Technology space, as well as a sales consulting organization. As a leader of organizations, he has felt the same frustrations your organization has: “Hiring the Right People, Training and Developing them, Inefficiency in Sales, Lack of Execution, Missed Quota’s, Changes in Technology, etc.” With that in mind Shawn has brought Quantum Business Solutions to the market to consistently help you overcome these concerns. DO NOT WAIT!!! “Make the Leap”


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