Are you asking the right questions before you embark on a new business opportunity? In this episode we explore the questions successful entrepreneurs ask themselves before they bet on a business opportunity, join a business partnership or decide to exit a business. We discuss how to evaluate opportunities, What qualities to look for in your business partnerships and the importance of discussing the end of the business relationship before you begin the venture. 

We also talk about work/life balance and how our marriages have grown over the years and deepened with our personal growth and self reflection. Additionally, how being honest about how we prioritize our work deepens our marriages. 

With property management at an inflection point in its maturity as an industry, we discuss how to frame the changes and who is positioned to succeed in the changing environment. 





Jordan Muela is a career entrepreneur and lifelong student, committed to building and breaking things daily.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Branding, Sales, Marketing, Automation.


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