Failure is painful and we all try to elude it, but it is unavoidable if we get out of our comfort zones. How do we manage it in our lives? In this episode, Gwenn talks for the first time on the show about her failed state legislature campaign, losing $124,000 of her friend’s and family’s money and losing herself in the process. She discusses how she recovered emotionally from it and three tips she has for overcoming any devastating blows in our lives. We also bring in the perspective of Nicole Winkler who is a life and professional coach about how to recover, reframe and move on from setbacks.





Nicole Winkler is a certified executive coach out of Omaha Nebraska with LYF Coaching & Development. Prior to her current role, she worked as a licensed therapist for over a decade. Winkler is also working on her doctorate in education and leadership. Winkler specializes in helping entrepreneurs, their families and teams succeed with individual, couples and team coaching sessions and workshops.


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