Many businesses learned how to operate virtually last year due to COVID-19. In this episode we discuss how to take operating remotely to the next level so you get full engagement, productivity and buy-in from your team.

We talk about how to build trust, what kind of meetings are effective, best ways to train, managing KPIs, and qualitative measurements. We also discuss common pitfalls and how sometimes we don’t take our own advice. It’s all on this episode of Bootstrappers!




  • 03:08​ How to Build and cultivate trust with your remote team and how this can save you from losing valuable talent and misconceptions
  • 07:37​ Actionable tips for building start building trust and boosting your productivity
  • 07:50​ How to implement successful huddles and regain focus
  • 13:31​ The power of short videos: happiness and gratitude
  • 13:45​ Virtual Happy Hours: Ideas to bring your team together
  • 16:30​ How to set up the right KPIs for your remote employees
  • 19:31​ What, why, and how to measure your teams KPIs in the long run
  • 24:40​ KPIs mistakes that can turn to a nightmare
  • 29:00​ How to train your virtual agents: A property management Approach
  • 31:00​ Setting crystal clear expectations with goals and performance feedback
  • 37:00​ Summary
  • 40:00​ Book Giveaway: “Traction” – Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman



Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen are co-founders of the property management company Anequim, and previously worked at the Wistar Group. They live in Omaha, Nebraska with their two daughters. Gwenn Aspen is the president of Anequim LLC, which sources virtual assistants from Mexico for the real estate industry, and provides operational support services for property management companies across the US and Canada. Aspen previously was the quality assurance manager at Wistar Group in Omaha, Nebraska which manages > 1,200 doors. She and Jeremy host The Bootstrappers Show which focuses on topics that are important to entrepreneurs in real estate related industries. 

Jeremy Aspen is a principal and founder of the Omaha based property management company Wistar Group, and the back office support company Anequim LLC. His career began in the international supply chain, an industry that required methodical and precise execution of processes in order to deliver automotive, technology, manufacturing and retail throughout the world. The best thing about him is that he’s married to Gwenn and that he has the opportunity to raise his two daughters Christine and Amelia.



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