What are the rules of engagement you set for your clients and tenants? In this episode we discuss common rules in the industry and also the deeper questions about what kind of company you want to run, what your rules say about the service you offer and understanding your value. It is all on this do-not-miss episode of Bootstrappers.




  • 4:30 Todd Ortscheid background as a pilot and how he started in the Real Estate Industry
  • 6:00 Rookie mistakes made trying to set up boundaries with owners and tenants
  • 8:20 The importance of having clear standards to scale your property management business
  • 14:30 Transition from a small business property management company to a company of 100+ doors
  • 17:00 Taking maintenance decisions and tips to make owners trust you
  • 22:03 A real case of maintenance while being evicted and owners getting in the way
  • 24:03 An owner decision that ended up in a lawsuit
  • 24:30 How to make sure the owners follow your standards
  • 26:30 Avoid owners that are looking to have a second job or getting involved with your job
  • 29:00 The door count is not what matters the most; find out why and what you should focus on instead
  • 30:40 Who decides the rent rate of a property and how to manage this with a contract
  • 33:00 Why email communication is the best for your property management company
  • 34:00 Are open door policies inadequate?
  • 36:05 Relationship with maintenance personnel and other vendors
  • 41:00 Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion by Paul Bloom



Todd Ortscheid is the President and CEO of GTL Real Estate in Atlanta, GA. Prior to leading GTL Ortscheid was an airline pilot and the Executive Vice President of the Airline Pilots Association.

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