What does it take to move up as a remote professional and what are the best management techniques for managing remote employees? We break it down on this episode of Bootstrappers. 

Gwenn sits down with a successful remote professional, Vicente Garcia, who knows first hand what skills are needed to be a remote professional and manage remote teams because he plays both roles. We’ll talk to him about how he proved himself and earned his promotion to a supervisor role, and what management techniques he has found work best for managing remote teams. Check it out on this episode of Bootstrappers!




  • 04:40 Guadalajara City – The Silicon Valley of Mexico
  • 05:30 How Vicente started in Property Management
  • 06:00 SOP Standard Operation Procedures Importance to develop and sustain a remote structure
  • 10:00 Software and tools for remote employees to stay happy and productive
  • 11:00 The reality of working remotely in Mexico
  • 12:50 Creating a remote working mindset
  • 14:00 All you need to make your remote team accountable
  • 16:00 How to add value to your organization when you are new in a company
  • 20:16 Prepare yourself for a remote interview: Be authentic
  • 20:58 Steps to effectively communicate with remote employees
  • 25:00 The emotional skills required to manage remote teams
  • 28:00 Introverts, extroverts, and remote working
  • 31:00 The importance of follow up 


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Vicente has been with Anequim for a year and a half and manages a team of remote professionals at Real Property Management Alamo.

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