David Flores, CEO of PM Solutions Pro, started out as a virtual assistant, or what we call a remote professional, and helped House Match in San Diego document and clarify all their processes and procedures. Now he helps other companies do the same. On this episode, we will talk to him about what he recommends companies do to get organized and how to best utilize virtual staff to get high quality procedures written down quickly so your business can grow.


David Flores is the CEO at PM Solutions Pro, where he is not only involved in day-to-day administrative operations but is also head of the Process and Implementation Department. He started working in the Property Management Industry approximately four years ago as a receptionist for House Match Property Management. As he outgrew this position and became responsible for more and more tasks, he realized with his team that he could and needed to improve on the processes they currently had in place to get things completed more quickly and efficiently. Through research, trial & error, and his new found passion for process building, he was able to improve the company productivity and our customer service. He has been involved in 90% of the processes used by House Match and is currently helping other companies create theirs in using their templates and techniques. Dedicated to the end-user, he is passionate about creating simple, seamless processes that focus on customer service and efficiency. When people don’t notice his work, he knows he’s done it well.

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