Short term rentals are all the rage, but can you scale a short term rental business? During this episode of Property Management Bootstrappers we discuss the ins and outs of managing short term rentals with founder of Better Stay in Washington state, Eva Wu. She explains how to maintain a positive culture with your team, the software and hardware needed to make management go smoothly and how to manage the little things that make a short term rental experience go well. If you are curious about how to make short term rentals part of your portfolio this is a can’t miss episode.



Eva was born and raised in China and spent most of her twenties in Canada. She moved to Seattle in 2016 to get her MBA at the University of Washington, and like many Washington graduates joined the tech world shortly after. Her family has always been into real estate and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Eva began to invest in rental properties soon after. Following working for corporate Amazon for a few years, she decided to jump into real estate full time which is where she found what she says is “her true calling”, and never looked back! She is currently a full-time real estate agent, investor, Airbnb host, and founder of Better Stay, a full-service, short-term, rental management company. 

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