Did you know that there are a lot of new updates to the Fair Housing law in 2021? Paul Vojchehoske, legendary real estate educator, is going to walk us through what we need to know to stay compliant. We discuss what led to the Fair Housing changes, and what actions property managers need to take right now and in the future to stay compliant. Additionally, we know that the best way to avoid a Fair Housing violation is to not receive a complaint. We discuss the most common pitfalls property managers make and how to prevent them. That is on this DO NOT MISS episode of Bootstrappers.



  • 02:40 ADA updates in 2021
  • 06:00 The enemy of Fair housing
  • 08:00 Reasonable accommodation log, what is it? and what do you need to implement in your operation?
  • 15:50 Violations in the showing process, and how to prevent being sued
  • 18:30 SOPs for small talk. What you should never ask and what you can say instead to comply with the law
  • 24:10 Creating a fair housing culture from the top
  • 24:22 Maintenance records, how can this get you in trouble
  • 26:51 Three significant circumstances you should avoid
  • 30:27 How to react when the maintenance gets delayed
  • 32:30 ADA compliance on your website – Web content accessibility guidelines


Paul Vojchehoske is the Exec. Vice President of Nebraska Realty and Director, Randall School of Real Estate in Omaha, Nebraska. Paul spent 21 years in the Coast Guard. Paul has been educating real estate professionals for the past twenty years and has a successful youtube channel called The Real Estate Classroom where he teaches everything that Real Estate agents want to know.



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