On this episode of Bootstrappers, we are going to discuss how we decided to quit our well paying corporate jobs and pulled the trigger to start our own businesses. From how to come up with a sound business idea, to how to pick yourself up after a massive public failure, we cover all the entrepreneurial risks, rewards and pitfalls.



  • 01:07 Should I start a business?
  • 02:30 Risks of being an entrepreneur and how we escaped the 9 to 5
  • 03:26 How we decided to jump on the property management industry
  • 06:14 Why having a clear advantage is essential to start?
  • 09:02 How to build resilience and overcome the negativity around
  • 13:10 How we leverage our business by getting a mortgage credit
  • 14:44 You have to fail to learn; the important is to focus on your mindset
  • 22:28 How Gwenn got her confidence back after a significant loss
  • 24:50 Scarcity mindset: The importance of overcoming the lack of time, clients, money, etc.
  • 26:15 Do not overcomplicate: Keep your processes and software solutions very simple
  • 28:00 Streamline your operation and systems to avoid double work.
  • 30:30 What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars – Jim Paul Page

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