In this episode, we walk through the top three mistakes property management companies make with their accounting system that cost them money. We talk about how to solve these common issues with real world examples and solutions you can put into place right away. Why reinvent the accounting wheel when the best practices are already in place in the industry? The solutions we discuss are guaranteed to save you money, time and stress.




  • 2:10​ Accounting Mistakes Property Managers Can Avoid Making
  • 5:00​ Out of date invoices. Process tickets and receipts in the date and time they were received, uploading them in the payable system and software.
  • 10:04​ Daily reconciliations
  • 14:39​ Complicated financial workflows
  • 20:00​ How accounting cadence can help with predictability and service optimization
  • 25:00​ Anequim Office Solutions


Jeremy Aspen is the founder and president of Wistar Group and co-founder of Anequim LLC. He sits on the Omaha Zoning Board of Appeals. In the past, Jeremy worked in the transportation and logistics industry and lived in Mexico. Jeremy has hosted and co-hosted a number of radio shows in the Omaha area over the years.





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