On this episode of Bootstrappers, we chat with Nebraska’s Second District Congressman Don Bacon, but we’re not talking to him about politics or his campaign. Instead, we want to know about his long and successful career in the US Airforce. We talk to him about those career risking decisions one makes along their career path that define a person. We talk about how Bacon decided to lead in his own style instead of the dominant leadership approach in the military at the time. We learn more about his philosophy of managing 25,000 personnel. We discuss what lessons he took away from his experience at the National War College. We learned about how Bacon changed the culture at a base and so much more! It is all packed into this episode of Bootstrappers.





Don Bacon is a Congressman for Nebraska’s second district. He serves on the Armed Services and Agriculture Committees and was first elected in 2016. Prior to his service in Congress, he was a Brigadier General in the Airforce, functionally managing 25,000 airforce intelligence personnel. Bacon has a master’s degree from the National War College in National Strategy.


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