On this episode we discussed the ins and outs of the eviction moratorium, where property managers can turn to have rent paid and what red tape to look out for. Additionally, we discuss how to collect for success. It is all on this episode of Bootstrappers!



  • 1:40 Who is eligible for Evictions Moratorium?
  • 5:56 Important facts of Emergency Rental Assistance Program and how is the money being distributed
  • 6:30 Specifics in Nebraska about rental assistance programs
  • 7:39 Special programs and incentives you can implement on your property management business to get paid on time
  • 12:26 Non-profit access and how to get the relief funds
  • 16:14 Clever ideas for effective collections and get clients to pay you faster
  • 19:00 BOOK GIVEAWAY Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as If Your Life Depended on It

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