People often feel overwhelmed at work and immediately think they need an executive assistant. However, our experience at Anequim has shown us that sometimes an extra hand in the operations can be better at helping busy CEOs reduce their workload rather than an Executive Assistant.

In this episode we will discuss how to discern what the best role is for your next hire, and what conditions at a company make the executive assistant role most useful. We discuss the best job responsibilities and KPIs make sense for an executive assistant and what personality characteristics to look for when hiring. Also, Jeremy razes Gwenn about a critical mistake she has made with her executive assistant.  It’s all on this episode of Bootstrappers!



Emily started in the property management industry directly out of college. She started as a leasing agent and quickly worked her way through the ranks learning every aspect of the business. With a total of 20 years experience in the business she changed course to work in assisting property managers with finding the staffing solutions they need.

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