Is your business stagnant, but you are really interested in scaling? In this show, we speak with scaling expert Mark Scrimenti on the top pitfalls leaders make when trying to grow their business and how to avoid them. We discuss common founder blindspots and what steps need to take place to either get a business owner out of their operations or for a business to grow exponentially depending on an owner’s goal. 



Mark is a seasoned operational executive with 15+ years’ leadership experience in e-commerce, digital product development, sales, marketing, and customer experience. He develops, implements, and executes strategies and action plans for sustainable growth and profitability; builds adaptable systems, processes, and teams; and drives productivity—all while keeping everyone sane, accountable, and rowing in the same direction.

As head of operations for a pure play e-commerce retailer, Mark led the company’s scale up from $40 million to $140+ million in sales. With leadership responsibility across sales and marketing, creative, project management, product management, call center operations, and HR, he built a Lean-Agile infrastructure to align operations with an innovative growth strategy to reverse declining sales and profits. The results were 12-20% yearly growth for eight years running, more than triple the annual profits, and revenues approaching $1 million per employee. On the human side, Mark fostered strategic employee development, cross-functional collaboration, and mutual accountability, while driving relentless customer focus. Results include dramatic improvements in employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity as well as sustained increases in repeat buying rates and average order values plus yearly customer satisfaction ratings in the top 2% of all North American online retailers.


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