In this episode, we discuss the importance of estate planning and why it is crucial for your loved ones. Why you should not die without a will and the right way to do it even if you find it uncomfortable. Make sure you don’t lead to more stress for those you left behind, set up a real plan with our special guest James D. Saintvil.



  • 7:00 Keep your personal finances on the same cadence as your companies books
  • 9:03 Focus on your why
  • 12:40 How to start with estate planning and put your legal affairs together
  • 14:07 Why do we avoid talking about death?
  • 17:30 Is legal zoom a good or bad solution for estate planning?
  • 18:50 The importance of having a will
  • 28:00 Having a separate or joint bank account with your partner?
  • 28:40 Durable and spring power of attorney
  • 29:30 Where and how to keep all your legal documents to avoid losing them
  • 32:00 The right way to make a will: handwritten or typed
  • 34:10 Designation of a standby guardian
  • 38:00 What documents do a business owner need?
  • 38:17 Operating procedures
  • 39:00 Key managers and company successors
  • 40:00 What are the steps to start with estate planning?
  • 41:02 Gut check before to make a big decision
  • 42:10 Book: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by James C. Collins


Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by James C. Collins


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James D. Saintvil is the principal of Jayde Law PLLC in Washington D.C. Prior to establishing Jayde Law, Saintvil owned an income tax preparation firm, and now with his substantial background in personal income taxation, James utilizes his experience in application to estate law. A graduate of Georgetown and Delaware Law schools, Saintvil is passionate about creative approaches to estate plans and assisting high-net-worth clients in matters of estate administration. 




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