The problem with marketing is it is expensive, complicated and there are tons of people who want to sell you services, but it is hard to know where to spend those hard-earned dollars. In this episode, we talk about the steps to take to really understand your buyer’s journey and use that information to design your marketing so it truly drives revenue. 

We talk to Joe Frost, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Yorcmo about his simple approach to creating the best client experience and driving revenue effectively from your marketing dollars.



Business owners, are you frustrated with your marketing? Are you looking to pivot, scale or exit? Is your marketing driving enough sales, is it optimized, is it even working? If not then Joe Frost is the man you are looking for! Joe co-founded YorCMO to solve a problem many business owners face – frustration with marketing! Noe also teaches entrepreneurship and marketing at Midlands University. He has also written a book on New Media Habits and produced a film on the Seasons of Entrepreneurship.


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