Why You Need To Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

Do you need to hire a virtual assistant? Hiring a virtual assistant, who we often refer to as remote professionals, for customer service and support can greatly benefit your business. When you hire support staff at U.S. prices, you may not be able to afford enough people to provide the level of support you expect.

This can result in long wait times and callbacks, as well as being unable to provide the small, personal touches that set you apart from your competition. But by hiring virtual assistants, you can keep your budget the same and have more staff to support your clients, without sacrificing quality.

This will provide the level of customer support you have always wanted for your business, making your customers loyal fans who will advertise your business and help it grow.

The real question is why have you not hired virtual assistants to support your customers already? Outlined below are the questions I most often receive about the benefits of hiring virtual assistants/remote professionals versus hiring full time employees.

Virtual assistant taking notes from meeting

Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant For Customer Service?

Trained virtual assistants can do anything for customers that a domestic employee can do for them from behind a computer. There was a time where people thought virtual assistants could only do easy administrative tasks or rudimentary tasks for businesses. Those days are gone.

Virtual assistants have varied skill sets and can do most anything a domestic employee can do without sacrificing quality. However you measure your domestic employees is how you would measure your virtual assistants.

Nothing is different except that instead of scheduled meetings in your office for feedback, you are meeting over a web conference.

Hire a Virtual Assistant today

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant For a Startup?

Hiring a virtual assistant for your start-up can be a great first move because you can find high-quality talent at a lower cost in countries like Mexico.

Using technology to work remotely is easy and efficient, so there’s no reason not to consider hiring a virtual assistant as an assistant for your business for tasks such as creating time consuming process and procedure documents, drumming up business, or helping with marketing.

Why do Businesses Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Businesses use virtual assistants because they can get high-quality work at an affordable price from workers in remote locations with lower costs of living. Managing remote teams across international borders does require discipline and attention to quality control.

For example, if you are working in an office space and you hear your employee talking on the phone and you don’t like their tone, you would go over to them and give feedback. With remote teams, you would have to use feedback forms and listen to at least one call a day to make sure you like the quality of the call and give feedback. You would also have to have a playbook or procedure for how you want people to talk on the phone.

Using remote labor can help you implement best practices in management and business, which can make your business better sooner and give you the time to focus on your other business operations.

Virtual assistant working with a remote team of professionals

What Would You Use a Virtual Assistant For on a Daily Basis?

Virtual assistants can do whatever you would create a job description for a domestic employee to do that can be done in front of a computer.

There should be no difference in the activities, the expectation or the outcome, at least that is our expectation at Anequim where we hire high quality virtual assistants who work your hours, regardless of their time zone.

how to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are Virtual Assistants Good for Business?

Virtual assistants are a net positive for any business. Historically people thought that people in other countries could only do easy tasks but over time virtual assistants have proven the power of their skills, work ethic and ability to communicate effectively across borders.

With virtual assistants you may be able to make those stair steps to success, and making a profit less steep because good wages in emerging markets are less than in the United States. Everyone wins.

You as the entrepreneur get the help you need to grow and scale your business and the virtual assistant wins because they are gaining business knowledge and getting a good wage to support themselves and their family.

What Are The Businesses That Hire a Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are commonly used by businesses of all sizes, but their use became more widespread among small and medium-sized businesses after the publication of Tim Ferriss’s “The 4 Hour Work Week” in 2007.

The technology for video conferencing also improved, making it easier for businesses to communicate with remote workers and making it seem like they were in the same office.

The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated the use of virtual assistants, as many businesses were forced to adopt remote work, and it is now seen as a viable option for businesses of all sizes.

Managing remote workers is not difficult, and many businesses now realize the benefits of using virtual assistants.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help Grow My Business?

Personally, the only way our property management company that we started in 2006 could have grown as fast as it did or sold for as much as it did in 2021 was not in spite of, but because of our investment in virtual assistants/remote professionals from Mexico.

The quality of the work and our ability to grow and scale without taking on debt and get the productivity we needed to become the business we wanted to become was only possible because of virtual assistance and their hard work, dedication and the ingenuity they brought to the business.

Virtual assistance enabled us to produce quality work, expand without borrowing, and achieve the productivity we needed to reach our goals. Their dedication and creativity were essential to our success.

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