Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Executive Assistant

Why is a virtual executive assistant the solution that you and your business need to succeed?

An executive VA is like a secret weapon that will boost your business performance. 

If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and busy, then maybe you need the help of a VA.

In this Bootstrappers episode, Gwenn is joined by Julie Hockney to discuss all the benefits of having a virtual executive assistant and how that has helped them in their personal and work life. 


What Is a Virtual Executive Assistant

A virtual executive assistant is someone who can help you with your executive family tasks, providing a solution to managing your professional and personal tasks and enabling you to focus on what truly matters.

Take Julie, for example; she is a successful entrepreneur juggling various roles – from running an interior design business and a restaurant to operating a design studio and a boutique floral shop. On top of that, she’s also an amazing full-time mom. 

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Balancing these responsibilities can be overwhelming, and that’s where her virtual executive assistant, Victoria, comes in and helps her with her busy schedule. 

Victoria does more than just administrative tasks. She is integral in managing Julie’s businesses, handling everything from scheduling appointments to overseeing project management.

Similarly, Gwenn leverages the power of a VA to organize her life. With a virtual assistant at her side, Gwenn can efficiently manage her time, focusing on her priorities without the stress of everyday tasks.

Ask For Helped

So, after this, you might be wondering if you need a virtual assistant. It may seem daunting, but acknowledging that you need help is the first step towards success.

Remember, even the most accomplished individuals can’t do everything themselves.

Are there tasks on your to-do list that keep getting pushed back due to lack of time? Are these tasks important for your business growth but consistently overlooked because they don’t fit into your busy schedule?

Do you find it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, often neglecting precious family time?

If you said yes to any of these, then you might need to consider hiring a virtual executive assistant.

Seeking assistance isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a strategic decision. It’s about understanding that your time is valuable and should be spent on tasks that directly contribute to your goals and happiness.


What Can a Virtual Executive Assistant Can Help With?

A virtual executive assistant (VEA) is more than just a remote worker; they are a central part of your organization. With their support, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. Here are some of the most important things a VA can do for your business and life

Booking Meetings

A VA can masterfully manage your calendar, scheduling meetings at optimal times that align with your availability. They ensure you never miss an important engagement, freeing up your time to focus on the meeting’s content rather than its logistics.


Reorganizing Time

Time management is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. An executive assistant can strategically reorganize your day, ensuring each hour is utilized to its maximum potential. This allows you to focus on high-priority tasks without feeling overwhelmed by the ticking clock.

Executing Ideas and Strategy

Turning your vision into reality is no small task. Get help executing your ideas and strategies, ensuring every step is implemented flawlessly. VA handles all the details so you can lead the way, confident in the knowledge that your plans are being executed effectively.

Scheduling Personal Time

From managing your doctor appointment to organizing personal errands, a VA ensures everything runs smoothly. They help maintain a balance between your work and personal life, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Coordinating Family Activities

A VA is not just for business tasks; they can also help organize your personal life. From planning family outings to scheduling parent-teacher conferences, they ensure your family life is as organized and stress-free as your work life.


Refining the Writing Process

Whether it’s drafting emails, creating reports, or writing social media posts, a VEA can enhance your communication. They help refine your writing process, ensuring your message is clear, concise, and impactful.

Can an Executive Assistant Actually Help?

The answer is an emphatic yes! An executive assistant isn’t just another employee; they’re integral to your organization and a key player who can drive your business forward.

However, the benefits of an executive assistant extend beyond their professional capabilities. They bring a sense of calm and order to your workday, providing the support you need to thrive both professionally and personally. 

They understand your needs, anticipate potential challenges, and proactively find solutions, all while maintaining a positive and empathetic approach.

Designing The Role of Your Virtual Executive Assistant Can Help With

Designing the role of your virtual executive assistant is a critical step toward enhancing productivity and efficiency in your organization. 

It’s not just about delegating tasks; it’s about finding the right task to delegate and finding a person who can take ownership and proactively solve problems to become an invaluable asset to your team.


Clear Job Description

For a VA to truly excel, they need to have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities. This includes the tasks they’re expected to perform, the goals they’re aiming to achieve, and the standards they’re expected to maintain. 

A clear job description helps set expectations, foster accountability, and drive performance.

Enjoy The Freedom with a Virtual Executive Assistant

Having a virtual assistant will free up time for you; your life will not feel like a to-do list anymore, and you’ll have to rest and be creative.

They empower you to focus on what truly matters: the strategic decisions, innovative ideas, and high-level tasks that drive your company forward. And it’s not just about work.

Find Your Virtual Executive Assistant  

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