Building Confidence at Work

Building confidence in yourself and in your team is essential to scale your business. However, this is easier said than done. 

Have you ever looked at a successful entrepreneur and wondered,  “How do they always seem so sure of themselves?

What if I told you that even the most successful individuals have their moments of doubt?

The difference lies in how they address and overcome these doubts.

Let’s explore an approach to building genuine confidence inspired by someone who’s been on this journey herself.

In this Booststrappers episode, Gwenn shares her story and how she came to be a powerful and confident businesswoman. 


Gwenn’s Story with Confidence

We’ve all been there—looking up to successful entrepreneurs and marveling at their unwavering confidence.

But Gwen reveals a truth that many might find surprising: even the most successful individuals grapple with confidence issues.

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From a leadership standpoint, Gwenn realized she needed to be an ‘A player’ and attract top-tier talent to her team, but the only way to do it was by having real, palpable confidence, not just for herself but for her organization.

The key isn’t our number of achievements but in cultivating a genuine belief in ourselves.

Are You Really Building Confidence?

Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on your entrepreneurial journey. Can you relate to Gwenn’s experience?

If you’ve been banking solely on your resume and past achievements to cultivate confidence, it might be time to reconsider. 

Confidence is more than just an impressive list of accomplishments; it’s about truly believing in yourself and your abilities.


Real and Fake Confidence: Understanding the Difference

Genuine confidence can’t be built just by an impressive resume. Sure, you may be able to fake it for a business presentation or conference, but true confidence? 

Real confidence requires comfort, honesty, and self-awareness. To truly feel confident, you need to figure out and master two things: Who you want to be and how you talk to yourself. 

The Two Pillars of Unshakable Confidence

Gwen identifies two primary ways to foster genuine confidence:

Identity and Habits: It’s about envisioning who you want to be and adopting habits that align with that vision. Whether it’s being punctual, taking vitamins daily, or ensuring family dinner time, these habits become part of your identity.

Over time, these small wins accumulate, fostering discipline and boosting confidence.

Challenging Limiting Beliefs: We all harbor certain beliefs that hold us back. 

For Gwenn, it was the idea that she couldn’t be both a good mom and a successful executive. By redefining what being a ‘good mom’ meant to her, she was able to shatter this limiting belief.

The Authenticity of Confidence

True confidence isn’t about flaunting a perfect resume or ticking off achievements. Gwenn candidly shares her journey, from being bullied in school to achieving professional success, only to realize that her confidence hadn’t grown proportionally. 

The real challenge lies in doing the deep work of being comfortable with oneself. It’s about authenticity, not just skills.

The Importance of Vision in Building Confidence

One of Gwenn’s golden nuggets of advice is to have a clear vision of who you want to be. It’s not about societal expectations or external pressures but about what feels right for you. Once you have that vision, focus on the habits that align with it.

For Gwenn, it started with something as simple as taking vitamins daily. Over time, these habits become part of your identity, reinforcing your confidence.

Cultivate habits that act as stepping stones towards your goal. Whether it’s discipline, perseverance, or even a regular workout routine, these habits will serve as the foundation for your confidence.

Remember, confidence isn’t born overnight. It’s a product of consistent, diligent efforts. 


The Power of Small Wins for Building Confidence

Gwenn emphasizes the importance of celebrating small wins. Whether it’s sticking to a new habit, challenging a limiting belief, or simply being present during family meals, these small victories compound over time.

They not only build discipline but also foster an authentic sense of confidence that’s hard to shake.

The narrative you create about yourself influences your confidence. 

We often play the villain in our own stories, berating ourselves for every small mistake.

Speak with Kindness

So, here are your two secrets:

Envision who you want to be and treat yourself with the kindness you would that person.  

When we replace self-criticism with self-compassion, we create a nurturing environment for growth, learning, and confidence-building.

Embracing the Journey

Building confidence is a journey, not a destination. 

There will be times when you falter or stray from your chosen path. Gwenn’s advice? Embrace the journey, learn from the missteps, and always get back on track. 

After all, authentic confidence is about being the best version of yourself, flaws and all.


The True Essence of Confidence

Gwenn’s insights remind us that confidence is more than just an outward display—it’s an inner belief.

By focusing on our identity, challenging our limiting beliefs, and celebrating small wins, we can cultivate a sense of confidence that’s both genuine and unshakable.

So, the next time you find yourself doubting your abilities, remember Gwenn’s words and know that you have the power to build confidence the right way.

Start Building Confidence Today

Once you master these two key aspects, you’ll start to see a positive transformation in your confidence and leadership levels.

Confidence is not an overnight achievement; it’s a journey. And the first step is to visualize your success and practice self-compassion. 

So, start today, and let your confidence soar high! 

Remember, being confident starts with a plan; download our free guide to successful projects today and start paving your way to a successful entrepreneurial journey.