Bootstrappers – Traction: How to Turbocharge your Organization using E.O.S with John Lund

Implementing the methodology outlined in the book Traction by Gino Wickman took our property management company to the next level, and was the single biggest game-changer we made in the last 4 years to move our business forward. Jeremy and I discuss how we made the change to become a Traction company, how we operate our meetings, what software we use to hold ourselves accountable, and the results implementing it has had on our leadership style, confidence, and business outcomes. We also bring in the business coach extraordinaire, John Lund, to tell us what a Traction consultant can do for your organization and how hiring one can improve your strategic planning. Don’t miss this incredible episode of Bootstrappers!

About Our Guest

John Lund, expert at EOS and Traction

John Lund, expert at EOS and Traction

John Lund founded OFFWIRE, now Brightstar, in 1995. OFFWIRE revolutionized the mobile accessory world by improving the way manufacturers managed their inventory increasing profitability in that industry. He sold it in 2014. Since then John has focused on making other founders and business leaders more successful through his companies and Entresmart. John Lund is known as an expert at EOS and consults and facilitates on Traction with companies all over the United States.

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