Bootstrappers: Get More Done With Time Management and Organizational Skills That Really Work.

Guest: Jeremy Aspen

Stay Hungry, Break Things, This Is the Bootstrappers Show.

Jeremy and Gwenn dig into time management and their different ways of organizing their days at work, Calendar management, setting aside time for deep thinking, managing interruptions, meeting management, and more are covered in this episode of Bootstrappers.

What is Bootstrappers?

Bootstrappers is a program designed to bring you up to the minute ideas and concepts to understand what it takes to succeed in business and life.

We bring knowledge into the property management industry from different business industries to create a richer experience for our audience. We invite the best authors, thinkers, and business people to the show and we pick their brains in their areas of expertise.

We interview our guests and gain key insights that can help our audience in their own path to success. You will find here, ideas, knowledge, best practices in a relaxed and fun conversation. No pretense. Our guests get real and share successes as well as failures. If you are looking for an unvarnished look at entrepreneurship and business development this is the show for you.

About Our Guest

Jeremy Aspen

Jeremy Aspen

Jeremy Aspen is the founder and president of Wistar Group and co-founder of Anequim LLC. He sits on the Omaha Zoning Board of Appeals.

In the past, Jeremy worked in the transportation and logistics industry and lived in Mexico.

Jeremy has hosted and co-hosted a number of radio shows in the Omaha area over the years.